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Since opening in 2010 we have directed over 1000 funeral services. Find out why and what we can do for your family.

We provide the utmost in compassionate professional service. Our Jewish funeral directors have over 200 years of combined Illinois licensure.  No other Chicago Jewish funeral business has more Jewish funeral directors with this amount of experience!  Our policy is to treat every family as if they were our own.

We can save your family $2000-$5000 on a complete funeral, versus using a Chicago Jewish funeral home with chapels (for the same or similar services and merchandise).  We do this by not having the overhead that Chicago Jewish funeral homes with chapels have and by being independently owned, versus several of our competitors who are owned by a publicly traded corporation.

Our typical charge for our services is $2495-$2895.   Chicago Jewish funeral homes with chapels charge $3995-$4785 for the same services. 

We carry the same and similar caskets to all of our competitors.  Our caskets are prriced substantially less than Chicago Jewish funeral homes with chapels charge.  Our caskets start at $500 (one of our competitors shows their least expensive casket on their General Price List as being $2295. Our most often selected casket of $1500 (least expensive round top tradtional poplar wood) is $2695-$2995 for similar units from our competitors, and our reddish traditional poplar with round top for $1700 is $3695 for a similar unit with one of our competitors.  

We are the only Chicago Jewish funeral business that shows our caskets with their prices on our website.  

We also sell our caskets to families that choose to use a Chicago Jewish funeral home with chapels if they want a chapel service (even though we have several Synagouges that can be rented).  We don't charge for delivery to any Chicago Jewish funeral home and by law they must accept these without additional charge to the family.  We encourage famlies that are making funeral arrangments with one of our competitors to look at our casket and vault prices on our website while they are being shown merchandise.   Although we offer similar imported units at much lower prices, we also offer the exact same domestic units that all of our competitors carry at a guranteed minimum 33% savings, (usually greater than $1000 in savings) on any traditional finished wood casket.   Please note that one of our competitors has changed the name of their units and one of our competitors uses a supplier whose units we don't show, but can get, again at a guranteed minimum 33% savings.     

Families that belong to a synagogue that has a discounted funeral plan with one of our competitors can still use us. We guarantee a minimum 25% savings versus the discounted funeral plan price.*

For families that want an indoor funeral service, but are not affiliated with a Synagogue, there are several beautiful sanctuaries available at reasonable fees. Your family can still save thousands of dollars while  using a much nicer facility than a funeral home.  There are also several cemeteries with chapels avaialble to all lot owners, regardless of which funeral director is chosen.

We pre-arranging funeral services.  Once paid, our charges are guaranteed not to exceed what is available at the time of need.  Funds are placed into an insurance policy for the person who the funeral service is for and remains in the persons name until the time of death.  

We also pre-arrange for persons whose funds are being depleted by long term care facilities.  This allows a family to shelter funds for the funeral prior to these funds being depleted, allowing for earlier qualification for public aid.

Families that have set up a pre-paid funeral insurance policy through one of our competitors should be aware that they are not required to use the funeral home that set up this policy, even if the policy was set up "irrevocable".  We accept these and in most cases refund the family thousands of dollars.

Orthodox and traditional families can be assured that everything required can and will be provided including tahara, tachrichim, and shomer.  

Please feel free to call us at 630-MITZVAH (630-648-9824) at any time of day or night if you should need our services, or have questions.

Thank you

Lloyd Mandel-Founder
(no longer with Lloyd Mandel Levayah Funerals)

*based on plan price for services and casket


We provide our families with an open door policy. Please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day.

Mitzvah Memorial Funerals

500 Lake Cook Road , Suite #350
Deerfield, IL 60015
Phone: 630-MITZVAH (630-648-9824)
Fax: 847-282-5136
Email: Lloyd@MitzvahFunerals.com
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Helping You Plan

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your loved one's funeral service? Would you like to browse through our catalog of viewing merchandise? Maybe you want to learn more about planning your own funeral. We've made all of this information — and more — available for you to explore in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Helping You Grieve

Our experience has taught us that when losing a loved one, those left behind feel lost and alone. Many do not know where to turn to or how to cope. Our grief support programs in place are dedicated to helping you during your difficult time and making each day a little easier for you when a loved one is lost.