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Most people don't realize that when you prepay for a funeral with a funeral home, you aren't required to use the funeral home.   In most cases, the funds are deposited into an insurance policy in the person's name for who they are intended,.

In October of 2015 a family whose father had passed away, and for whom the prepaid his funeral services with Chicago Jewish Funerals in May, called Mitzvah Memorial Funerals to do the funeral.   Chicago Jewish funerals charged them $4100 for the services that were to be performed.  Our charge for these same services was $2495.

Chicago Jewish Funerals also charged $2050 for the Kidron casket (also known as the Dan, or the Aaron at Shalom-they charge $2695, or the 041M at Weinstein & Piser-they charge-$1895).  Our Kidron-Dan was $1200. 

Chicago Jewish Funerals was also $95 more for the concrete vault.  

By assigning the insurance policy over to Mitzvah, the family saved over $2600 without sacrificing anything.  These excess funds were sent by the insurance company directly to the family the same week as the funeral.

So how do we do this?

We are independently owned and we don't operate from a multi-million dollar funeral home with chapels with high overhead costs.  We are therefore able to provide our services and merchandise at a substantial savings versus what Chicago Jewish funeral homes with chapels charge.  Usually the saving is between $2000-$5000 on a full funeral service and casket depending on which funeral home you are comparing us to and what casket your family would be selecting.

Our normal price for a graveside funeral service is now $2695.   We charge $300 if the service is held from a Synagogue, and $200 more if a tahara-ritual washing-is requested (group that does the tahara may have an additional fee as well as the cost of the shroud).  If the family doesn't belong to a synagogue, we have several available for rent for $500.

Weinstein & Piser recently lowered their $5700 charge for this down to $4195, but  raised their caskets substantially.   We offer all of the caskets Weinstein & Piser have at a guaranteed savings of over 25%.  These caskets can be purchased from us and will deliver them free of charge to a family that wants to use Weinstein & Piser.  They must accept this without additional charge to the family.

Chicago Jewish Funerals and Goldman charge the same prices.  They often offer a discounted price below their itemized price list of $4200 while Shalom's discounted price is $4395 graveside, or $4895 if the funeral is held at their chapel.

We showed the savings on the minimum traditional wood casket above (the Kidron, Dan, Aaron, or the 041M).  Another example would be the Haggai or the Adom, also known as the Tamar, or the 043 at Weinstein & Piser.   Typically Chicago Jewish Funerals charges $2695 for this, Shalom charges $2995, Weinstein and Piser charge $2695 in brown, or $3695 in red, which is ridiculous as the wholesale price on both caskets is the same, so why charge $1000 more for the red?

Our Haggai is $1600 and our Adom is $1800.

We have compiled a chart that will enable you to compare our prices versus those of our competitors.*   Click Here

Although we can clearly show the savings on our service charges versus our competitors, it is harder to show the savings on caskets.  Our competitors don't show their casket prices on their websites (we do--->  MITZVAH CASKETS   ) and most of our competitors don't provide their merchandise price lists for retention. 


Caskets mentioned above


The Kidron-Dan-Aaron-041M                                       The Haggai or Tamar


Our price for these exact units is $1400 for the Dan and $1700 for the Haggai

We also offer what we believe to be more acceptable versions of the Dan and Haggai for $1300 and $1800 respectively (that's a $850 savings on the Dan and $1295 savings on the Haggai).  This Dan has a light finish and the Haggai is a regular sized casket with a nice finish (the other Haggai is smaller and has a rough finish).


                               DAN                                          HAGGAI

                                                              (star of David included but not shown)

Most of our caskets are offered at substantial savings versus what our competitor charges.  Our imported line provides the largest savings.  This includes the Obadiah which is $1195 less and the Tohar which is $1695 less than what our competitor charges for their version of these caskets.  We also carry the full line of the same domestic caskets that all of our competitor offers, most of which are at least 25%-40% less.

We also have unfinished pine units from $850, metal caskets with nice finishes from $950 and a minimum casket for $500. 

Any of our caskets can be purchased for delivery to our competitors should your family choose to have the funeral at a Chicago Jewish funeral home's chapel.  The funeral home will accept the casket without any additional fee as they are required by law to do.

Although savings is important, receiving compassionate professional service is paramount.  The funeral directors with Mitzvah Memorial Funerals have over 175 years of combine funeral experience.  You can learn more about our directors and their experience by

clicking on --->  OUR EXPERIENCED STAFF .

*Note: This comparison chart was compiled using the published General Price Lists of each firm.   Most of our competitors do not make their casket price list available for retention so we are limited in being able provide their prices for all of their caskets.  If you would like a copy of a General Price Lists (ours, and/or the most recent version of our competitors price list that we have in our possession) or have any questions, please call us.  Our competitors price list are subject to change without our knowledge.

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